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AELLA - Discography *2009-2015* [MP3@320]
Dodane: 12/01/2016
Rozmiar: 458.27 MB
Uploader: everdarksoul

seed(ów): 4
leecher(ów): 0
Pobrane: 9

Ocena: N/A

Attention - almost all titles are original in Russian language and written by Russian signs of alphabet. I translated it only for convenience of reading to all Users which don't knows how to read of Russian letters (here in brackets). However, inside the upload for all albums and tracks titles are written like an original.

years: 2009-2015
genre: heavy metal
power-heavy metal
country: Russia

2011 - Aella (Аэлла) / include singles & splits from 2009-2011 period
duration: 00:53:08

01. No One Believes (Никто Не Верит)
02. Connected By The Wind (Связаны Ветром, also as single 2009)
03. The Road (Дорога)
04. Full Moon (Полнолуние)
05. The Phantom Of Freedom (Призрак Свободы also in split 2010)
06. The Silence (Тишина)
07. Passionate Amazon (Влюблённая Амазонка)
08. Wait For Me (Жди Меня)
09. They Will Give You a Sign (Тебе Дадут Знак) / АРИЯ cover*
10. Into The Scaffold (Шаг На Шафот) / Скорая Помощь cover*

* АРИЯ (ARIA) - track also released on "A Tribute to Ария. XXV" split, in 2010
* Скорая Помощь - also released on "A Tribute to Скорая Помощь" split 2011
"Скорая Помощь" - in English means: Rapid Aid or First Aid (for Emergency)
2013 - Night Witches (Ночные  Bедьмы / Nochnyie Viedmy)
include singles & splits from 2012-2013 period
duration: 00:45:42

01. Scutch's /or Bonfires/ (Костры)
02. Night Witches (Ночные Ведьмы)
03. The Whim #24 (Каприччио №24)
04. Children Plays In Love (Дети Играют В Любовь)
05. Catherine The Great / Ekaterina Alexeyevna (Екатерина Алексеевна)
06. Over The Abyss (Над Пропастью) / feat. М. Нахимович
07. House Of Jaundiced Dream (Дом Жёлтого Сна) / Чёрный Обелиск cover*
08. Assuage Of My Sorrow (Утоли Мои Печали) / Маврин cover*
09. Loneliness... (Single 2013 - Bonus Track) / in English language

* Чёрный Обелиск - track also released on "A Tribute to Чёрный Обелиск" 2012
Чёрный Обелиск - in English means: The Black Obelisk (also: The Black Stone)
* Маврин - track also released on "A Tribute to Маврин" split, in 2013
Маврин (Sergey Mavrin) is a famous Russian musician and composer.
2014 - Aella Garage ...One Stage Tribute Album [EP] / all in English language
duration: 00:24:09

01. All We Are (Doro /Warlock/ cover)
02. Can't Let You Go (Rainbow cover)
03. I Surrender (Rainbow cover)
04. Power (Helloween cover)
05. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover)
06. Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)
2015 - Megalomania - 30 Years Later / Мания Bеличия - 30 Лет Спустя
(AELLA tribute to 30 anniversary of release ARIA "Megalomania" album)
additionally include 2 tracks from single & split from 2014-2015 period
total lenght: 00:48:54

part of "Megalomania" tracklist:
01. This is Rock or This is Fate (Это Рок) - 05.30
02. Toreador (Тореро) - 05:43
03. Volunteer (Волонтёр) - 05:56
04. Black Stones Tusks (Бивни Черных Скал) - 04:57
05. Megalomania (Мания Величия) - 01:54
06. Live For Free (Жизнь Задаром) - 04:21
07. The Reverie (Мечты) - 05:29
08. Behind of America (Позади Америка) - 05:15

bonus tracks:
09. La Amazona Enamorada (Single 2014) / in Spanish - 04:54
10. Only Ahead! (Только Вперёд) / Гран-КуражЪ cover - 04:51*

* Гран-КуражЪ - track from "A Tribute to Гран-КуражЪ" split, 2015
Гран-КуражЪ in phonetically pronouncing  is "Gran-Kuratz"
( - and absolutely I have no idea - what it exactly means...)
2015 - Valkyrie's Wings (Крылья Валькирии) / Single, Extended Version
(an original three-tracks Single, additionally include 2 more bonus tracks)
total lenght: 00:24:52

01. Valkyrie's Wings (Крылья Валькирии) - 04:47
02. Black Stones Tusks (Бивни Черных Скал) / radio edit - 04:50
03. Passionate Amazon (Влюбленная Амазонка) / instrumental - 04:47

bonus tracks:
04. Heaven Tells No Lies (Лгут Ли Небеса) / Helloween cover  - 05:35*
05. Season's Change (Сезон Перемен) / Royal Hunt cover - 04:51

* track from "Russian-language Tribute to Helloween" split, 2015

The idea for band was born in late 2007, but officially band was started in January 7, 2008 - when six girls headed by the director and composer Alex Martin decided to take the name “AELLA”. It accurately reflects the essence of the team. Aella (translation: “whirlwind”) is a name one of the five harpies of Greek mythology. And, by a happy coincidence - the same name had the leader of the Amazons, challenge yourself to Hercules! After all, most of the songs “AELLA” traditionally dedicated to strong women (Catherine the Great), young girls (Night Witches) of the 46th Regiment of the flight, and burned at the stake “heretics” and “witches” and other congenial already lyrical characters. Girls began their career as a cover project, performing best songs of such groups as the Rainbow, Royal Hunt, Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen etc. However, not long in coming their own material. In May 2011, saw the release of the first album of the same name - “Aella“ - recorded in the “native” studio KIV Records and, as subsequent published on the label CD-Maximum. In addition, 10 April 2014, the band released the album “Aella Garage” with cover versions of songs favorite classics of rock music: Rainbow, Deep Purple, Helloween and Doro (Warlock). The album “Night Witches“, released December 31, 2013, marked the transition to the new sound of the group, which clearly manifested elements of neo-classical and progressive. The basic elements - melody of the songs, the richness of the arrangements - remained the same. Aella is now working on another album, not forgetting to give concerts throughout Russia and to share with the audience a strong male energy of Metal in conjunction with the female charm of AELLA's staff.

Current Line-up:
Tillen Avers (Тиллен Аверс) - Vocals
Olga Andreeva (Ольга Андреева) - Lead Guitar
Olga Volodkina (Ольга Володькина) - Guitar
Natalya Pereverzeva (Наталья Переверзева) - Bass
Tatiana Lepskaya (Татьяна Лепская) - Keyboards
Ekaterina Sorokina (Екатерина Сорокина) - Drums

session, past and other members:
Ekaterina Prudnikova (Екатерина Прудникова) - Guitars
Irina Shaplova (Ирина Шаплова) - Guitar
Polina Sedova (Полина Седова) - Guitar
Maria Vasenkova (Мария Васенкова) - Keyboards
Anna Zhilyakova (Анна Жилякова) - Keyboards
Mariya Andreeva (Мария Андреева) - Drums

Alex Martin - Team Leader

more info:

AELLA - Live 2011 - Full Version:
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