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Detale torrenta

Jacques Brel - Quinze ans d\'amour [Flac][TntVillage]
Dodane: 20/05/2017
Rozmiar: 354.00 MB
Uploader: leonenero

seed(ów): 98
leecher(ów): 12
Pobrane: 554

Ocena: N/A

Artist...............: Jacques Brel
Album................: Quinze ans d amour
Genre................: Chanson
Source...............: CD
Year.................: 1988
Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520
Codec................: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version..............: reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125
Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 50 %)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit
Tags.................: VorbisComment
Information..........: TntVillage

Ripped by............: Leonenero on 17/05/2017
Posted by............: Leonenero on 18/05/2017
News Server..........:
News Group(s)........: TNTVILLAGE

Included.............: NFO, M3U, LOG, CUE
Covers...............: Front Back CD


  1. Jacques Brel - Les Bonbons [03:32]
  2. Jacques Brel - Jef [03:37]
  3. Jacques Brel - Mathilde [02:36]
  4. Jacques Brel - Au suivant [03:07]
  5. Jacques Brel - La chansons de Jacky [03:24]
  6. Jacques Brel - Ces gens-là [04:40]
  7. Jacques Brel - Mon enfance [05:39]
  8. Jacques Brel - La chanson des vieux amants [04:29]
  9. Jacques Brel - Le dernier repas [03:27]
 10. Jacques Brel - J'arrive [04:46]
 11. Jacques Brel - Grand Jacques (c'est trop facile) [01:49]
 12. Jacques Brel - Amsterdam [03:17]
 13. Jacques Brel - Quand on n'a que l'amour [02:35]
 14. Jacques Brel - La valse à mille temps [03:52]
 15. Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas [04:13]
 16. Jacques Brel - Les flamandes [02:37]
 17. Jacques Brel - Le plat pays [02:42]
 18. Jacques Brel - Les bourgeois [02:54]
 19. Jacques Brel - La quête [02:39]
 20. Jacques Brel - Les vieux [04:06]

Playing Time.........: 01:10:11
Total Size...........: 353,76 MB

This is a terrific Brel collection containing 7 of his most treasured songs among the 20 on the CD.
Brel's best songs in this collection include:
"Quand On N'a Que L'amour" (When We Have Only Love, track 2) is Brel's quintessential theme song (circa 1960) for idealistic young lovers who believe that love conquers all, in stark contrast to Brel's later more jaded songs, ranging from "Le Prochain Amour" in 1961 (not on this CD) to "La Chanson des Vieux Amants" (Song of the Old Lovers, track 17) in 1967. "Quand On N'a Que L'amour" strikes a similar tone of optimism as another Brel song, "Au Printemps", which is not included in this collection.
"Ne Me Quitte Pas" (Don't Leave Me, track 4) is Brel's most famous torch song, in which he uses exquisite imagery to press his suit with a girl who has already left him, descending in the end into abject desperation as he struggles to maintain a link, any link at all, with the object of his love. Frank Sinatra was moved to sing an English version of this song ("If You Go Away"), which unfortunately doesn't do justice to the stunning poetry of the French original. This is my favorite song of the entire Jacques Brel repertoire because of the power and the haunting beauty of the lyrics, Brel's impassioned voice and the evocative music!
"Le Plat Pays" (The Flat Country, track 6) is Brel's nostalgic homage to his home country of Belgium, sung with great affection in French and Flemish. Although he grew up in Belgium, he spent nearly his entire musical career in Paris, France.
"Les Vieux" (The Old People, track 9), evokes a ticking clock as a metaphor for the passage of time. It paints a grim portrait of life in the twilight years, set to the beat of a grandfather clock.
"Mon Enfance" (My Childhood, track 16), one of Brel's most passionate songs, takes a candid look back at what Brel describes as a quite unhappy childhood. Complimenting his voice is a ravishingly beautiful accompaniment by piano, cello, singing saw and orchestra that manage to convey a strong sense of nostalgia despite the misery Brel describes.
"La Chanson des Vieux Amants" (Song of the Old Lovers, track 17) is a wonderful nostalgic look back at a romance of 20 years: all the storms the couple has endured, and "the sweet tender marvelous love" that continues today even as their "tender war" persists. To me, Brel's passionate singing and the wonderful piano and orchestral accompaniment evoke all the romance and nostalgia of a World War II era Casablanca, making this one of Brel's greatest classic songs.
"Amsterdam" (track 20) is one of Brel's most famous songs. It's about the sailors who disembark in this Dutch port and how they deal with the vicissitudes of their lonely lives and the dreams that haunt them once they reach the shore.

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Dodane20/05/2017 15:05:18
Ostatnie Uaktualnienie20/05/2017 15:13:19
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