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AutoCAD 2009 i 2007 [ENG]
Dodane: 19/01/2009
Rozmiar: 79.64 MB
Uploader: Anonimowy
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Pobrane: 2717

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AutoCAD 2009 & AutoCAD LT 2009 Bible

Ellen Finkelstein
ISBN: 978-0-470-26017-3
1226 pages
June 2008

Eight previous editions of fans ranging from novices to Autodesk insiders can\'t be wrong. This bestselling, comprehensive guide is your best, one-stop, go-to guide for everything you\'ll need to master AutoCAD. Whether you\'re an AutoCAD veteran exploring what\'s new or a novice seeking to start with the basics and progress to advanced programming, every feature is covered. Start drawing today with the one book you need to succeed with AutoCAD 2009.

* Start drawing right away with the Quick Start project
* Draw, view, and edit in 2D, then add text and dimensions
* Reference other drawings and link data to objects
* Build, view, and present complex 3D drawings
* Customize commands, create shortcuts, and use scripts and macros
* Program AutoCAD using AutoLISP and VBA

Paczka zawiera równie¿:

Sybex.Introducing.AutoCAD.2009.and.AutoCAD.LT.2009 [ENG] [PDF]
George Omura
ISBN: 978-0-470-26060-9
413 pages
May 2008

The new edition of this hands-on guide helps users of all skill levels learn the basics of AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009 easily and efficiently. Bestselling AutoCAD author and expert George Omura offers clear explanations, a task-based approach, and pages of real-world examples and exercises to make this thorough book more valuable and useful than ever. Whether you\'re new to AutoCAD or just looking for a quick refresher, you\'ll find the fast, focused introduction to AutoCAD you need to get quickly up to speed.

Sybex.Mastering.AutoCAD.2007.and.AutoCAD.LT.2007 [ENG] [PDF]

Pietra Rivoli
Stron: 288
Stan ksi±¿ki: New
Wydawca: Wiley
Data Wydania: 6/30/2006
ISBN-10: 0470008768

There\'s a reason why Mastering AutoCAD is so popular year after year. Loaded with concise explanations, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects, this comprehensive reference and tutorial from award-winning author George Omura has everything you need to become an AutoCAD expert.

If you\'re new to AutoCAD, the tutorials will help you build your skills right away. If you\'re an AutoCAD veteran, Omura\'s in-depth explanations of the latest and most advanced features, including all the new 3D tools, will turn you into an AutoCAD pro. Whatever your experience level and however you use AutoCAD, you\'ll refer to this indispensable reference again and again.

Sybex.AutoCAD.Professional.Tips.and.Techniques [ENG] [PDF]

Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Sybex; 1 edition (Nov 17 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470084545
ISBN-13: 978-0470084540
Product Dimensions: 25.1 x 19.8 x 1.8 cm

Two AutoCAD experts distill years of combined experience into hundreds of the most useful AutoCAD tips and techniques you\'ll ever find. Fun, easy to read, and packed with information, this beautiful guide equips you with inside tricks on critical AutoCAD features and functions--all in fast, easy-to-digest nuggets. Discover keyboard shortcuts and little-known system variables or punch up your style with expert tips on visualizing, publishing, and 3D modeling. No matter what your experience level, you\'re sure to increase productivity and master professional-level techniques with this lively, practical book.
* Tweak Windows(r) and AutoCAD to get the UI you want
* Handle layers and select objects like a pro
* Create dimensions, hatch patterns, and text correctly the first time
* Comprehend the complexities of Sheet Sets and Paperspace
* Unleash the power of dynamic blocks
* Get visualization tips from the experts
* Plot or publish in the background while you keep drawing
* Take control of AutoCAD with customization techniques
* Master the friendly new world of 3D in AutoCAD 2007
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Kategoria:Książki - Komiksy » E-Booki + Audio
Dodane19/01/2009 07:01:06
Ostatnie Uaktualnienie21/03/2013 23:11:09

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