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Detale torrenta

The Pirate Movie - Il Film Pirata (1982) [DVD9 - MultiLang Ac3 2.0 - Multisubs]
Dodane: 14/07/2017
Rozmiar: 4.92 GB
Uploader: JackieALF

seed(ów): 2
leecher(ów): 0
Pobrane: 284

Ocena: N/A

The Pirate Movie - Il Film Pirata

Original Covers & Original DVD9 by JackieALF


Original Title: The Pirate Movie
Country: Australia
Year: 1982
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Musical
Director: Ken Annakin
Screenplay: Trevor Farrant
Scenography: Tony Woollard
Photography: Robin Copping
Music by: Mike Brady & Peter Sullivan
Production: Joseph Hamilton International Productions


Kristy McNichol -> Mabel
Christopher Atkins -> Frederic
Ted Hamilton -> Re dei Pirati
Bill Kerr -> Major General
Maggie Kirkpatrick -> Ruth
Garry McDonald -> Sergente Ispettore
Chuck McKinney -> Pirata nano
Linda Nagle -> Aphrodite
Kate Ferguson -> Edith
Rhonda Burchmore -> Kate
Cathrine Lynch -> Isabel
John Alansu -> Capitano cinese (con il nome John Allansu)


Mabel Stanley (Kristy McNichol) is an introverted teenage girl from the United States in a seaside community in Australia as an exchange student. She attends a local pirate festival featuring a swordplay demonstration led by a young curly-haired instructor (Christopher Atkins), who then invites her for a ride on his boat. She is duped by her sisters, Edith (Kate Ferguson), Kate (Rhonda Burchmore), and Isabel (Catherine Lynch), into missing the launch, so she rents a small sailboat to give chase. A sudden storm throws her overboard, and she washes up on a beach. She subsequently dreams an adventure that takes place a century before. In this fantasy sequence, the swordplay instructor is now named Frederic, a young apprentice of the Pirates of Penzance, celebrating his 21st birthday on a pirate vessel. Frederic refuses an invitation from the Pirate King (Ted Hamilton), his adoptive father, to become a full pirate, as his birth parents were murdered by their contemporaries. Frederic swears to avenge their deaths and is forced off of the ship on a small boat.
Adrift, Frederic spies Mabel and her older sisters on a nearby island and swims to shore to greet them. In a reversal of roles, Mabel is a confident, assertive, and courageous young woman, while her sisters are prim, proper and conservative. Frederic quickly falls for Mabel and proposes marriage, but local custom requires the elder sisters to marry first. Soon, Frederic's old mates come ashore, also looking for women and kidnap Mabel's sisters. Major-General Stanley (Bill Kerr), Mabel's father, arrives and convinces the Pirate King to free his daughters and leave in peace. The pirates anchor their ship just outside the harbour instead of actually leaving. Mabel wants Frederic to gain favour with her father so they can marry, so she plots to recover the family treasure stolen years earlier by the pirates. Unfortunately, the treasure was lost at sea, but the location where it lies was tattooed as a map on the Pirate King's back. Mabel successfully tricks the Pirate King into revealing his tattoo while Frederic sketches a copy.

General Info

Compression: No
Movie Quality: DVD9
Size: 5163 Mb
Languages: English, German, French, Italian Ac3 2.0
Subtitles: Italian, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, French
Runtime: 94 min.
Menu: Yes


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Kategoria:Filmy » DVD-R
Dodane14/07/2017 17:07:32
Ostatnie Uaktualnienie14/07/2017 17:39:32
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