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Detale torrenta

Intinn - The Debut Album *2009* [FLAC]
Dodane: 01/08/2010
Rozmiar: 153.77 MB
Uploader: Anonimowy
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leecher(ów): 1
Pobrane: ---

Ocena: N/A

Coolest vibrations from Intinn a band born in Galway Ireland.
Sounds reminiscent of some of the old reggae greats for example
Yellowman and Toots & The Maytals. The Irish harps blending with
the tight drum & bass accompanying pure vocals and lyrics make this
listening a positive and unique experience.

Intinn Debut Album 2009

1. Bingi Intro (0:52)
2. Emerald Island  (3:14)
3. Intinnsound Vibration  (2:51)
4. Rising Over (4:11)
5. Rising Riddim  (3:57)
6. Woman And Child  (3:11)
7. Earth Dub (2:51)
8. Higher Blaze (3:15)
9. Light It Up (4:15)
10. Come Away (3:53)
11. Pale Eyes (3:01)
12. Water And Oil  (3:05)
13. Insight (3:23)
14. In Version (3:37)
15. Rossport (1:47)

Country: Ireland
Town: Galway
Year of band birth: 2004
Reggae Style: Reggae - Dub and Drum'N'Bass with a Celtic twist
Musicians and instruments
Cian Finn - Vocals
Iarla Fox - Drums
Daniel Mac Eoin - Bass
Sebi Schuerer- Keys
Catriona Cannon - Harp
Published records
Intinn - Intinn (2009)
Website: [url][/url]

Intinn are a six-piece band from the West of Ireland.
Their music is a blend of Reggae, Dub and Drum'N'Bass with a Celtic twist.
Armed with electronic drums, synthesisers, and a traditional Irish Harp, Intinn's sound is energetic and bass heavy.
The group's vocalist sings a mix of soulful conscious lyrics and rhythmical raggamuffin verse.
Intinn are renowned for their live performances which have been described as uplifting and explosive

The Intinn-Story started in the year 2003 when Iarla (E-drums) and Cian
(vocals), childhood friends from Galway on the West coast encounter
Dublin-born Dan in Cork in the sunnier south of Ireland. The three get
together for jams and soon decide to form a band. Catríona Cannon,
another companion from the early youth-days in West was asked if she
would play the keyboard with them and agreed even though her main
(musical) interest is in the Celtic harp. Throughout the following years
the band  played in the Emerald Island's south, north, east and west,
taking every opportunity to expose their unique sound live on stage.
Their reputation grew quickly, fuelled by Intinn's commitment and
dedication to the music, which transforms every venue into a pumping
dance-hall. Their live-shows quickly became known for their high
energy and positive vibes.

The next major events in the Intinn-tale where when Catriona decided to
permanently swap the keyboard for her first instrument, the Celtic
harp. Sebi replaced her soon on the keyboard,  allowing the band
to further refine their sound both with the warm, acoustic harmonics of the
harp and contrasting and complementing range of electronic noises from
the synthesizer, making Intinn sound fuller than ever. An album was then
recorded and got launched in June 2009 with a series of very successful
gigs in the main cities of the Republic of Ireland.

The summer 2009 saw Intinn take the Irish stages, be it at one of the
many inventive young festivals like the Knockanstockan, one of the big
players in the national festival circuit (Electric Picnic, Life Festival), as
support act for a big act (Horace Andy, UB40) or as the headline at their
own concerts.

Category: Music
Size: 153.77 MB
File Name Size
09 Light It Up.flac 16.23 MB
13 Insight.flac 12.69 MB
14 In Version.flac 12.38 MB
05 Rising Riddim.flac 12.01 MB
10 Come Away.flac 11.85 MB
04 Rising Over.flac 11.59 MB
11 Pale Eyes.flac 10.58 MB
06 Woman And Child.flac 10.51 MB
03 Intinnsound Vibration.flac 10.41 MB
02 Emerald Island.flac 10.15 MB
07 Earth Dub.flac 10.04 MB
08 Higher Blaze.flac 9.60 MB
12 Water And Oil.flac 8.07 MB
15 Rossport.flac 4.28 MB
01 Bingi Intro.flac 2.34 MB
intinn-web-album-cover.gif 379.95 KB
IMG_0555lo_1276549880.jpg 313.95 KB
PICT0090_1264776189.jpg 159.34 KB
091127_galway.jpg 93.20 KB
IntinnBACKS-3.png 62.97 KB
IntinnPromo.png 44.90 KB
Folder.auCDtect.txt 6.03 KB
Intinn Info TrackList.txt 3.25 KB

Added: 01/08/2010
Info Hash: a549081cae7111094de430fa7cae6ad66df2436b
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Kategoria: » Muzyka
Dodane01/08/2010 08:08:22
Ostatnie Uaktualnienie10/08/2013 13:56:08

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